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“A Disappointed Writer and a Backup Plan.” A writer experiences rejection from literary agents and comes up with a Plan B for getting his book published.

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Here is some feedback I received from a posting on my Amazon blog:

When I found your “minutes to freedom” I listened to all of them in one sitting. I was amazed and captivated yet left wanting for more info on how you reconciled many of the themes in the MTF segments. I am hoping that your book, Freedom’s Just Another Word, describes in more detail how you overcame the many emotional and psychological issues you had inherited from your abusive upbringing. Would you say that this is true or less specific in this area? If it is indeed the later, what council did you seek to do such difficult work? Thank you, S

Dear S –
First, I am thrilled that you found the Minute To Freedom segments so powerful for you! That was the purpose. I can fully understand how you would be left wanting more. My radio producer and I wanted to share “nuggets” of insight, but within the structure of a one minute talk, it would be difficult to share the sometimes laborious journey I took in dealing with some of those issues.

However, in answer to your question – yes, my book Freedom’s Just Another Word does have some specific details about how I uncovered an old wound that had been skewing my life. In writing the book, I just set out to chronicle the events of those times, and it wasn’t until much later that I realized I had laid out what one person said was a “road map” for how to deal with the aftermath of growing up in an alcoholic family.

There is a caveat here – when the events of Freedom’s Just Another Word were occurring, I was broke and hitting bottom, so I couldn’t afford much in the way of treatment options, and had to by necessity be very creative in trying to deal with those old pains. Yet at the same time, I was using many tools and techniques that had been given to me by professionals I had worked with in the past. I don’t recommend trying to work through a painful past alone – I have had a lot of help, and I think I would have been lost had it not been for the guidance I received along the way. I had worked with several therapists at points along the way, and they helped me enormously!

If you visit my website, you will see that I plan several other books about this journey. I discovered I had more to say than I could effectively capture in one book. Just because I discovered a painful incident from my childhood, didn’t mean it was a healed issue. I had just begun the process of trying to resolve the effects of that old wound, and will later chronicle aspects of that path.

Good luck to you in your journey, and I would love to hear from you again!
Dan Hays


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Just to let everyone know, I have posted on my website Media Page the transcripts of the first 100 segments of the Minute to Freedom audio features.

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