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I want to thank Dan Hays for hosting my Prayer Prescriptions virtual book tour, today. My book, Prayer Prescriptions: Spiritual Remedies For Long Lasting Health, is a book that is,  itself, a prayer. After writing the book, I began to think that life was also a prayer.

Dan’s book, Freedom’s Just Another Word, is a book about healing the father-son relationship. Healing relationships is accelerated with prayer. The act of forgiveness is also accelerated with a prayer practice.

Prayer prescriptions goes hand-in-hand with the work that Dan is doing. I am so happy we could team up today to get the word out about my book and Dan’s work as well.

In-Joy the video!

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I had a remarkable radio interview tonight with Kate Loving Shenk.  We explored my healing journey, and my upcoming book Healing The Writer.  Listen at the end, when Kate gives me a direction that had been sitting there in front of me, but I hadn’t seen it yet.  Helping other people with creative blocks, based on my experience. The picture is me at age 19 – and I’m reclaiming that creative soul!

Here’s a link to the radio show:

My Healing Journey

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